Department of Medicine

The UCSF Fresno Department of Medicine is dedicated to improving the health of Central California by providing innovative and excellent patient care while training the next generation of physicians, and advancing patient-centered research.

Medicine at UCSF Fresno

Training the next generation of physicians and advancing patient-centered research



The mission of the UCSF Fresno Department of Medicine is: to promote the health of Central California by providing innovative and excellent patient care, training the next generation of physicians, and advancing patient-centered research.


  • To become the medical provider of choice in Central California, delivering quality and compassionate healthcare regardless of means
  • To become the pre-eminent community-based education program in the country
  • To create and refine innovative models of healthcare
  • To foster intellectual curiosity in a work environment where faculty and staff are passionate about their profession and committed to lifelong learning


We believe that residents learn best when they are challenged to move beyond their comfort zone, while still feeling supported.  We strive to create a respectful, collegial environment that supports learning for all trainees.  We work every day to make the program better than it was yesterday.

We believe that all physicians are life-long learners.  We expect personal excellence from our residents, as well as faculty, as we challenge each other to learn some new from our patients daily.

Since scientific knowledge continues to expand and the practice of medicine is ever-evolving, you cannot learn everything during residency.  However, we will give you a strong foundation to prepare you to successfully pursue various career paths and achieve your career goals. We also help our residents develop life-long learning skills so that they will continue to keep up with advances in medicine beyond residency training.