Clinical Skills and Simulation Center

Designed to develop and enhance the necessary skills critical to the success of our future physicians.

Simulation at UCSF Fresno

The UCSF Fresno simulation lab is designed to develop and enhance the necessary skills critical to the success of our future physicians. Through simulation we are constantly improving patient care and safety by recreating routine and complex situations. We use task trainers such as airway models and ultrasound compatible central line models as well as high-fidelity mannequins to create realistic learning opportunities. Simulation provides a safe environment for our residents to learn and practice procedural skills, complex decision making processes and team leadership skills.

We are pleased to announce that the Clinical Skills and Simulation Center is open for classes, and sim sessions.
While following CDC guidelines, temporary guidelines for lab use will be in effect limiting the number of participants per room and providing new simulation spaces. Use of the Clinical Skills and Simulation Center must be requested through our online request form at least one week in advance. Click here to get started!

We are very excited to provide this valuable resource for you. See you soon.

High-tech manikins and computer technology to simulate real-life patients


Collaborative learning in a realistic, clinical environment

Innovative curriculum and training programs


Standardized patients and teaching associates


Debriefing on teamwork and performance assessment with video observation


Task trainers to develop both confidence and proficiency



Schedule A Session

1) Simulation Request Form

2) Email Lee Hagerty directly to [email protected]

3) Call the Skills Lab @ 559-499-6625 
*note: If you would like to have faculty involvement? Propose dates 3 months from event.

Become A Standardized Patient

Working with Medical School Students, PRIME, REACH, Undergraduate Medical Programs contact:

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Undergraduate Medical Education
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