Maps/Parking & Transportation

Maps/Parking And Transportation


UCSF Fresno Regional Campus  [PDF]

UCSF Fresno Area [PDF]

Fresno Overview
-Clinica Sierra Vista and Selma Clinics [PDF]
-Parlier and Orange Cove Clinics [PDF]
-Alzheimer’s Center [Google map]
-VA Hospital Central California [PDF]

Valley Children’s Hospital 

Community Regional Medical Center (CRMC or CMC)

—CRMC Operator Switchboard (Where You Pick Up Apartment Keys) [PDF]
—CRMC Patient & Visitor Map [PDF]
—CRMC 1st Floor [PDF]

—ACC Overview[PDF]
—ACC 1st Floor [PDF]
—ACC 2nd Floor [PDF]


A car is required to maximize the schedules and learning opportunities in core and electives while at UCSF Fresno. A few students have succeeded in traveling in Fresno and surrounding areas without an automobile, however, it is very difficult and sometimes impossible to do so in a timely manner.

Public transportation is available through the city busy system, Fresno Area Express (FAX) but the schedule is limited with few buses returning to the student apartment area in the early evening. There are some marked bicycle paths throughout the city, but most are very narrow, and the total distance from the apartments to UMC or the UCSF Fresno Medical Education and Research Center is approximately 12 miles.

Additional transportation information is available at:

UCSF Fresno will not be responsible for providing transportation nor for any issues that may arise for students while taking public transportation.


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