Resident Wellness

Our program has annual Resident Retreats, as well as quarterly Department socials.

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Pediatrics Resident Retreat

  • The Annual Retreat is for all residents and their families to get together to relax and rejuvenate while reflecting on professional growth.
  • Coverage is provided so all pediatric residents are able to attend the overnight retreat.
  • Previous Retreats have been at
    • ECCO Yosemite: located in a beautiful serene setting near Yosemite Valley where residents are able to participate in team building, group exercises, campfire with smores, and a hike to Yosemite
    • Wonder Valley Ranch Resort: a fun-filled event where residents can participate in team building, a ropes course, blind canoe racing, campfire with smores, a trampoline park, and other activities.
    • The Pines Resort at Bass Lake: a beautiful lake-side lodge with space for team-building, hiking, and activities on the lake
  • The Pediatrics Department Wellness Committee focuses on increasing awareness of individual wellness for all members of our department. The committee consists of staff, residents, and faculty, and is open for anyone to join. Meetings are monthly. The residents on the committee serve as liaisons between residents and faculty, and serve as the voice for those who are unable to attend committee meetings. 
  • UCSF Fresno Resident Council also has a focus on wellness, and further wellness resources are available here.
  • Monthly Housestaff Meetings:
    • The residents and chief residents meet on a monthly basis in an open forum to discuss anything pertaining to resident life. This includes resident wellness, scheduling, resources, educational opportunities, conferences, and more.
  • We also have a Big Sib – Little Sib program to partner interns with senior residents for mentorship
  • There are many other mentorship opportunities are available with core and volunteer faculty as relevant for work and home life
  • Links to UCSF Fresno page on the Fresno area and UCSF Fresno programs: