Global Emergency Medicine

Offering opportunities to travel to long-term collaboration sites to support EM education and training.

Global Emergency Medicine

The UCSF Fresno Department of Emergency Medicine is excited about global health opportunities.  We are proud of our residents who have undertaken global health activities.

Nikhil Ranadive traveled to Accra, Ghana to attend the African Conference on Emergency Medicine (AfCEM). AfCEM is a conference hosted every two years by the African Federation for Emergency Medicine (AFEM), Africa's regional emergency medicine professional society. He specifically presented on "next steps for emergency medicine to enhance preparedness and protect health in a changing climate", which was based on a scoping review of the literature conducted in collaboration with researchers from the University of Cape Town and the University of Colorado. He also convened meetings with research collaborators from AFEM and other institutions across the content in preparation for an upcoming study regarding expert consensus guidelines on the development of climate-resilient emergency care systems in Africa.

Nikhil Ranadive at the African Conference on Emergency Medicine 2022 (AfCEM)

Jesus Martinez traveled to Guatemala City, Guatemala, to attend the Segundo Congreso de Medicina de Emergencia.  He met with local leaders and residents in emergency medicine.

Segundo Congreso de Medicina de Emergencia 2022 Guatemala Flyer

Jesus Martinez at Guatemala Segundo Conference Banquet with local leaders and residents.

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