Emergency Medicine Curriculum

Educational Objectives

1. To Produce Graduates Who:

  • Are well informed, well rounded, and clinically competent, who can respond to the wide range of patient problems encountered in the emergency department setting.
  • Are sensitive to the behavioral, social, ethical, and organizational aspects of emergency health care.
  • Are responsible, careful, and respectful of the rights and dignity of patients, and who can conduct themselves with personal and professional integrity.
  • Have the requisite knowledge and skills to serve as leaders in the development, practice, and teaching of Emergency Medicine.
  • Are eligible for and who successfully complete specialty certification by the American Board of Emergency Medicine.

2. To provide a rich environment that will encourage promising emergency physicians, on completion of their residency training, to pursue careers in the clinical practice of Emergency Medicine, in academic Emergency Medicine, in Emergency Medical Services and other areas of subspecialty interest to Emergency Medicine

How much time is spent in the Emergency Department?

Interns spend five and a half months in the Emergency Department beginning with a month-long orientation. The remainder of the first year is spent outside of the Emergency Department developing the broad knowledge base needed to become a successful emergency physician.

In the PGY-2 year, residents spend eight months in the Emergency Department along with one-month of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Valley Children’s Hospital, one-month of Trauma ICU, one-month of EMS/Toxicology/Palliative Medicine and one-month of Orthopedics.

In the PGY-3 year, residents are in the Emergency Department for seven and a half months. The remainder of the third year is spent completing two-weeks of Toxicology consults, one-month of Trauma ICU, one-month of Medical ICU, one-month at a Community Selective site and one-month of Elective.

During their last year, residents spend approximately six-months in the Emergency Department. PGY-4 residents could spend up to 10 months in the Emergency Department depending on their Area of Concentration (AOC) and Elective. Some AOCs are completed in blocks, whereas others are longitudinal.

PGY2-4 residents complete between 140-145, 9-10 hour shifts per year.