Can I still apply if I come from a 3 year residency program?

Yes, you can. In fact, several of our prior fellows came from 3 year programs. 

When should I apply?

Applications are due by September 15. Earlier applications are welcome. We aim to schedule interviews in September and October. We collaborate with other education fellowship coordinators across the country to work towards a common offer date.

How do I apply?

Please send your CV and a letter of interest to [email protected]. We’ll also need 2-3 letters of recommendation sent directly from the authors. Applications are due by Sept. 15.

How many education fellows do you hire per year?

We may hire one or two fellows per year.

How many shifts do fellows work in the ED?

Fellows work a minimum of 8 shifts per month. You can choose to add more at your discretion, but a full time shift load is discouraged as a fellow – we want you to focus on honing your craft as an educator.

Are fellows considered full time?

Yes, this is one of the beauties of fellowship! You are considered full time in terms of benefits, but you only have to work 8 shifts.

Do fellows have an academic title?

Fellows are given the academic title of Clinical Instructors of Emergency Medicine, UCSF Fresno.

Do you often hire fellows as faculty?

We love hiring our fellows and have an excellent retention rate, but we also beam with pride when our fellows move on to be academic leaders at other institutions.

Is there an academic stipend?

Fellows are given a $2,500 academic stipend.

Do you offer a Master’s Degree in Education?

A Master’s Degree in Education can be pursued at California State University, Fresno and is subsidized by the Department of Emergency Medicine.

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