Medical Student Programs at UCSF Fresno

Visiting Student Requirements

Welcome to UCSF Fresno! As you embark on your final year of medical school, we hope that you will take this opportunity to consider UCSF Fresno’s fourth year elective program. UCSF Fresno invites students who are in good academic standing at an accredited medical school to participate in this exciting program.

Please note: UCSF Fresno utilizes both a Fresno Electronic Application and VSLO (Visiting Student Learning Opportunities) to receive visiting student applications. All students (except 3rd Yr. UCSF students) attending an LCME accredited or AOA accredited medical school will submit application through VSLO first—if your school utilizes VSLO. Secondly, upon acceptance of the VSLO offer, students will be directed to go to the UCSF Fresno Electronic Application to complete a supplemental form and student profile.  This 2nd step is vitally important to process all students in a timely manner.  If your school does not use VSLO, please use the Fresno application (link provided below).

An approved affiliation agreement must be on file for UCSF Fresno and student’s home school. Agreements are good for 5 years. Attached is a list of current medical schools that have approved agreements on file with UCSF Fresno. If your home school is NOT listed, please download the AAMC Approved Agreement AND the UCSF Fresno Implementation Letter and submit to your home school. The signed document can be returned to the UME Office for completion at [email protected]

UCSF Fresno Approved List of Affiliated Medical Schools
AAMC Uniform Clinical Affiliation Agreement – download and forward to home school
UCSF Fresno SOM Implementation Letter – download and forward to home school for signature (word document)

VSLO Visiting Medical Students: To search Fresno electives on VSLO, first select UCSF and then select “Fresno” as the campus (see PDF below). Submit on-line through the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Visiting Student Application Service (VSLO) You will receive notification from UCSF Fresno to submit the supplemental application. VSLO students must complete Fresno’s supplemental application to request Housing and answer additional questions: 2)

How to search for UCSF Fresno on VSLO

Fresno Supplemental Application & Student Profile (electronic): If your school does not utilize VSLO, please apply for electives using the Fresno electronic application: Only students from LCME or AOA accredited medical schools who have accepted VSLO offers or those given special permission may  apply. (Step 1)

International/Non-LCME Schools (offshore): Please click here for policy information.

Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner Students: Please click here for policy information.

Returning Students: students returning to UCSF Fresno may apply for additional electives anytime by completing Step 2 at the Fresno Application link: The system will recognize your unique ID for faster processing. Any outdated or expired documents will be requested. All fees apply.

UCSF Students: If you are interested in taking an elective at Fresno, you must apply directly through Fresno. A list of the Fresno elective clerkships is available here: