Nelli Ghazaryan


Ghazayan, DO

Medical School
Des Moines University

Why did you choose OBGYN?
I was attracted to the intensity of the field. I loved the diversity of procedures and patient presentations, and the juxtaposition of simple and cutting edge tools required for practice. In the same day you can have a patient in her early teens and in her late 90s. You can go from using just your hands for delivery in the morning, to a robotic case with the latest technology in the afternoon. I worked in public health before medical school and saw firsthand the impact that improving the health and circumstance of an individual woman can have on the larger community, the ripple effect is massive. One thing a career in OBGYN could not be was boring, and that really drew me to the profession.

Why do OBGYN at UCSF Fresno?
I had the luck to get my initial training completed here at UCSF Fresno as a third year medical student and then I rotated as an MFM sub-intern. I love the pace, the rare cases, the diversity of the patient population but most of all I love the people here. The team feels like family and that makes the hard days easier and the good days that much sweeter.

Collecting plants and vintage dresses, painting, raising chickens, and hanging with my golden retriever Sam