Standardized Patient Program

Standardized Patient Program

Standardized patient simulation involves the use of individuals trained to portray the roles of patients, family members or others to allow students to practice physical exam skills, history taking skills, communication skills and other exercises.

Experiential Learning

A Standardized Patient (SP) is a person carefully recruited and trained to take on the characteristics of a real patient thereby affording the student an opportunity to learn and to be evaluated on learned skills in a simulated clinical environment.

During an interaction with a student the SP may:

  • present case history in response to questioning by the student
  • undergo a limited physical examination at the student’s direction
  • assist students in developing their communication and clinical skills
  • assist students in working through difficult emotional situations in a safe environment

Learning to give necessary medical news

Other projects are formulated around psychosocial issues using Standardized Patients to assist students in developing communication skills or in working through difficult emotional situations in a safe environment.

Training to be a Standardized Patient

People from the community who are interested in contributing to the development of health care professionals may be chosen to work as SPs. These individuals are carefully recruited and trained.