Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures approved by the UCSF Fresno Graduate Medical Education Committee
Note: Policies and Procedures pertain to programs, residents and fellows

Program Related

Continued Online Education Requirements
Educational Funds Policy
Elective Clinical Rotations to UCSF Fresno (Visiting Residents)
Evaluations Policy
GMEC Monitoring Policy Including Annual Reports
Health Care Vendor Relations Policy
Housestaff Academic File and Applicant Retention Policy
Internal Review Protocol Policy
Non-renewal or Non-Promotion of Contract
Processing of Housestaff & ETA
Program Letters of Agreement
Promotion of Housestaff Policy
Reasonable Accommodation Policy
Residency Reduction or Closure
Rotation Changes
ENgage Lecture Series Policy (forms included & must be submitted to GME)



Annual Institutional Review
GMEC Responsibilities Policy
Monitoring of Other Learners in Residency Programs
Resident Education Oversight
Supervision & Accountability
The Learning and Working Environment


Housestaff Related

Academic Due Process
Background Checks Policy
Certificates of Program Completion Graduation
Code of Conduct
DEA Certificate
Clinical Experience and Education (Duty Hours)
Clinical Responsibilities, Teamwork, and Transitions in Care
Eligibility Selection Recruitment & Appointment Contract Policy
This policy is the Appointment Contract for Eligible Residents and the Minimum Qualifications for Housestaff Policies combined.

Final Evaluation of House Staff Policy

Fresno House
Impairment Policy
Leave Policy
Licensure Policy
Moonlighting (forms included)
Away Rotation Policy (forms included)
Residents and Fellows as Teachers
Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment
——Title IX contact: (415) 502-3400
Verification of Resident Applicant Credentials (with template)
Well Being, Fatigue Mitigation, and Monitoring



Disaster Policy
House Staff Final Check Out Form
Patient Confidentiality
Housestaff Scrubs and Lab Coat Guidelines