Orthopaedic Surgery Physician Assistant Curriculum

The orthopaedic surgery PA residency curriculum will entail a full-time 12 month program consisting of an intensive didactic portion and structured clinical rotation experience within the various subspecialties of orthopaedics. Amongst other things, residents will receive training in the use of electronic medical records (EMR), emergency management of the orthopaedic trauma patients, operating room set-up and procedures, surgical assisting skills, inpatient and ambulatory patient care. PA residents will be working side-by-side with faculty, experienced orthopaedic Physician Assistants and orthopedic surgery residents.
The graduate is expected to be a proficient first-assistant in the operating room and will have extensive experience in the triage, evaluation and management of both inpatient and outpatient orthopaedic conditions in the various subspecialties of trauma, joint reconstruction, hand and upper extremity surgery, sports medicine, pediatric orthopaedic surgery, spine, foot and ankle.