Case Conference, weekly on Wednesday

During the weekly case-based conferences fellows present complicated and challenging infectious diseases cases that were seen in inpatient rounds followed by robust group discussion of differential diagnosis and management options.

Core-curriculum Didactics, weekly on Thursday

The didactic core lecture series is given by faculty members weekly from the start of each academic year.  Fellows also present one core lecture each year on the topic of their choice.

Journal Club

Journal Club reviews the latest practice-changing publications and focuses on how to critically analyze a journal article and apply evidenced-based medicine. Each fellow presents one journal club each year.

Board review Series, monthly on Friday

Faculty lead a questions-based board review series with active fellow discussion every month focusing on topics relevant to the infectious disease board exams.

Morbidity and Mortality conference

M&M conference focuses on improving clinical outcomes and avoiding future pitfalls by reviewing cases with adverse events in a forum that promotes professionalism and ethical integrity. Each fellow presents one M&M conference each year.

Research and Quality Improvement

Research & Quality Improvement Conference provides a venue to develop and promote clinical research and quality improvement projects within the division. Each fellow gets an opportunity to present their research or quality improvement project.

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds, weekly on Tuesday

UCSF Fresno faculty and visiting professors present the latest advances and research in clinical medicine.

Conference Schedule for Academic Year 2023: