The Summer Biomedical Internship Program was established in 1988 by a special planning committee of the Board of Trustees of the UCSF Fresno Foundation (formerly known as the UC Valley Medical Education Foundation). The Board adopted the program as a priority project to provide research opportunities to exceptional high school students interested in the biological sciences and health professions. The SBI program provides students, at an important time prior to the college application process, with an opportunity to gain beneficial insights and experiences that allow for a more thoughtful approach to college selection. Many students receive fine letters of recommendation from their mentors as well as helpful advice on pre-med or biomedical studies. The SBI Program is now in its 29th year with more than 200 past participants.

The Summer Biomedical Internship program at UCSF Fresno is made possible from the generous support of private donors and grants. The cost per student averages about $1,000.

If you are interested in supporting a student or making a donation to the SBI program, please click here to make an online donation and note in the area of “Select a Fund” as Summer Biomedical Internship Program.

Our special thanks for the support from these sponsors for the 2016 SBI program.

CalViva Health Anonymous Donors