Parkmedic People


Adjunct Parkmedic Faculty

Jim Andrews, MD, FACEP
Danielle Campagne, MD, FACEP
Michael Darracq, MD, MPH
Sukhjit Dhillon, MD
Arielle Filiberti, MD
Fernando Macias, MD
Greg Richardson, MD
Eric Schmitt, MD, MPH
Susanne Spano, MD, FACEP, FAWM
Michelle Storkan, MD

What is the Parkmedic Program?

Dr. Stroh, Dr. McCue and Mr. Wu serve as the National Medical Advisors to the National Park Service (NPS) for EMS. In 2000, University Medical Center, now CRMC Fresno was awarded the contract to provide EMS/medical direction to the National Parks and the Parkmedic Program was started at Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park by Drs. Stroh and Shalit. Mr. Wu has been teaching in the Parkmedic Program since 2004 and Dr. McCue has been teaching since 2016.

Services and projects include:

  • Serving as National EMS Advisors
  • Acting as liaisons with Washington, D.C. for EMS medical advice
  • Editing and maintaining NPS EMS Medical Advisor manual
  • Editing and maintaining standardized EMS Field Manuals
  • Mentoring UCSF Fresno residents on numerous EMS, Wilderness Medicine, and Emergency Medicine research projects

The Parkmedic faculty extend their deepest gratitude to the Emergency Medicine Parkmedic residents, the UCSF Fresno Medical Education Program, the CRMC Emergency Department, and the National Park Service EMS Medical Advisors for all their help and support in making the above-mentioned items come to fruition. Without all their contributions, much of this work would remain unfinished.


Program Director

Part-Time Clinical Faculty