Hospital Medicine Fellowship Program

Thank you for your interest in UCSF Fresno Hospital Medicine Fellowship Program.  UCSF Fresno Community Regional Medical Center is dedicated to serving the diverse population of the Central Valley of California, and provides many specialists and medical innovation to this medically underserved area of California.  We are excited to introduce our new Hospital Medicine Fellowship Program that will expand the career paths for the future leaders in Hospital Medicine offering training in research, teaching, and clinical experience with supervision and mentorship of very experienced academic hospital medicine faculty.

Why Hospital Medicine Fellowship?

Hospital medicine has been expanding for the last 20 years.  As a result, most fellowship programs are continuing to grow into every aspect of medicine such as patient safety and hospitalization experiences; clinical outcomes and improvements; health care cost and resources utilization; electronic record implementation and informatics. Since healthcare is evolving quickly, demands on researchers, educators, and leaders are also increasing. While residency training prepares young physicians in expansion of medical knowledge and decision-making skills, pursuing a fellowship in Hospital Medicine trains physicians in research, education, and administration skills so that they may enter these roles earlier in their career paths.