William Frye


Frye, MD

Clovis, CA

Point Loma Nazarene University

Medical School
Virginia Commonwealth

Hobbies, fun facts and interests
I love anything in the outdoors. Most of my free time is spent hunting and fishing, but I also love surfing, backpacking, and free diving. My wife and I love to cook, especially with the delicious fish/animals/plants/ occasional fungi that we harvest from nature and our garden.

Why Fresno?
The most compelling reason for Fresno is the amazing training. I think it is easily among the best training in the country. Nuff said. On top of that, I grew up here and I know that it’s an awesome place to live. The outdoor scene is legit. There are endless places to explore from the valley floor up to the Sierra crest. Year round there is something to do outside! Even in the (hot) summer, you can easily escape the heat with a 45 min drive up to the mountains. During the winter you can ski AND surf in the same day (beach is only 2.5 hours away)! It’s also cheap to live here by California standards…you can live in a house and have a big garden on a resident salary. For me, Fresno has the ultimate combination of incredible training with a very livable city with excellent outdoor recreation opportunities.