Steffani Campbell


Campbell, MD

Salinas, CA

Wesleyan University

Medical School

Hobbies, fun facts and interests 

  • Life-long animal lover. Historically have favored ducks, pigs and dogs but I met a chinchilla last week that I really connected with so we’ll see
  • I proposed to my now-husband in a sci-fi bookstore in Joshua Tree, we’re really nerdy like that
  • My virtues include semi-regular yogaing and consumption of the recommended amount of fruits and veggies.
  • Vices include boba tea and oversharing.
  • Professional interests: Health equity and pediatric emergency medicine.

Why Fresno?

  1. The People: Attendings are approachable experts; the PD is incredibly dedicated and clearly genuinely cares about residents’ well-being; and all the residents I’ve met are brilliant, down to earth, and fun.

  2. The Program: EM at UCSF Fresno is so well established and well-run. I know that I will work hard here and then for the rest of my career I will get to know that I am an exceptionally well-trained EM doc, ready to take excellent care of any patient, anywhere.

  3. The Place: Smack dab in the middle of California. Enough going on to enjoy your days off, but not so much as to cause chronic FOMO.  Incredible produce (thank you, Central Valley farmers!) and the Fresnonians are almost alarmingly friendly. 

In Sum: if you want an intense ED experience and a laid-back home life, come here!