Scott Ewy


Ewy, MD

San Ramon, CA


Medical School
University of Massachusetts

Hobbies, fun facts and interests 
I enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, camping, backpacking, and snowboarding. I also love music (especially jazz), and am an avid supporter of marching and performing arts. My main instrument is the drums and I have had the opportunity to perform with many ensembles including jazz bands, pit orchestras, the UCLA "Solid Gold Sound" Marching Band, and the Blue Devils B drum corps. I also enjoy developing skills in audio recording, engineering, and production. During my free time I can also be found attempting to cook, pretending to be a mixologist, playing board games, and exploring breweries and restaurants. 

My professional interests include EMS, mobile and austere healthcare, process and quality improvement, and informatics. 

Why Fresno?
It was clear that Fresno provides exceptional, well-rounded training through its large catchment area, diverse patient population, and close-knit group of residents and faculty committed to serving and advocating for the community. I am also excited by the opportunities to explore and grow in my interests through the Area of Concentration and Parkmedic Program. And being close to family, friends, and great outdoor areas is hard to beat!