Rory Brown


Brown, MD

Bellbrook, OH


Medical School
Columbia University 

Hobbies, fun facts and interests 
Within EM, I'm interested in addiction medicine and social EM. Outside of the hospital, I enjoy running, preferably on trails, and generally spending time outside. I'm looking forward to working on my climbing and skiing skills now that the Sierra Nevada are in my backyard. 

Why Fresno?
Fresno had everything I was looking for in an EM program - mission driven, caring for a largely underserved patient population, and with a rigor and acuity that would prepare me to work anywhere. Most importantly though, even in the age of zoom when programs and people tend to blur together, the program stood out for having some of the most kind and down-to-earth people I met along the interview trail. The proximity to both the mountains and the California coast is an added bonus.