Raksha Dutt


Dutt, MD

Medical School
UC San Diego School of Medicine

Why did you choose OBGYN?
I chose OB/Gyn because of the specialty’s multifaceted nature – we have the opportunity to provide preventative healthcare, surgical care, and labor & delivery services all in the same specialty! In addition, I love having the ability to foster long-term relationships with patients through many stages of life

Why do OBGYN at UCSF Fresno?
Given its location, UCSF Fresno is uniquely equipped to provide high volume care to Central Valley’s diverse patient population. I’m excited to train at a program that will provide strong educational experiences within the field of OB/Gyn, while also promoting camaraderie amongst the residents!

I love projects that allow me to work with my hands and produce something tangible – cross-stitching, painting, and baking are my current favorites!