Morrell Chhay


Chhay, PA-C

PA School: University of California, Davis

Undergraduate: University of California, Merced

Hometown: Fresno, California

Hobbies, facts, and interests: I like to spend my time running or hiking; being outdoors to balance out being indoors for long periods of time. Other than that you’ll find me watching movies and/or enjoying different kinds of beer with my friends over a board game.

Why Fresno: I think Fresno is a unique town and community because it is in the middle of everything for California. The nice thing about Fresno is how it easy it is to take off to the Bay area, SoCal, or just head off to the mountains for fun. I have also seen this town grow and change over the years since I grew up here. I know there is a need here for healthcare professionals and it has always been my goal to come back as a PA for Fresno. If anything, to simply put for me; it’s home.