Minyoung Chung


Chung, MD, MPH

Frisco, TX

University of Texas at San Antonio

Medical School
UT Health San Antonio Long School of Medicine

Hobbies, facts and interests
I love being active and outdoors! Hiking, paddleboarding, yoga, camping, climbing, skiing..you name it! Music is also one of the things I cannot live without – I always have something playing on Spotify.

Why Fresno?
Aside from wanting to explore life outside of Texas, where I’ve lived since I was 5, I also fell in love with Fresno’s strong EM program. The people I met along the interview trail were awesome and all shared a passion to serve the widely underserved patient population of the Central Valley. I knew I’d find my people here – and living an hour or two from some of the most beautiful places in the country is a plus!