Mikhail Bahr


Bahr, PA-C

PA School: Pennsylvania College of Technology

Graduate: Saint Francis University

Undergraduate: Pennsylvania College of Technology

Hometown: Muncy, PA

Hobbies and Interests: Humanism, humanistic Eutopianism, sustainable/regenerative/green architecture, traditional & experimentative cooking, sustainable/renewable/green energy, sustainable/regenerative organic agriculture, humanistic ethics, listening and/or singing to (modern jazz, jazz pop, classical, alternative indie, big band, pop, tropical house, EDM, Alt Z, international pop) music, hiking, humanistic human rights, solar-punk architecture, kayaking, sustainability in medicine, poetry, reading from my ever-growing to-read list, watching favorite tv shows/movies, philosophical discourse, cultural & religious pluralism, perspective analysis, rationalism.

Why Fresno: I chose UCSF Fresno for numerous compelling reasons. First and foremost, its esteemed history as one of the pioneering EM residency programs greatly influenced my decision. The legacy of a well-structured framework and comprehensive education, along with a high patient volume and diverse pathologies, solidified my choice to maximize training opportunities. During my interview visit, I experienced a delightful sense of collaborative spirit among the medical team, which resonated deeply with my unwavering belief in the essentiality of camaraderie. UCSF Fresno’s established Wilderness Medicine fellowship and integration with local disaster relief programs offered unique avenues to explore my interests in such subspecialties. On a personal level, the cultural diversity of the area, access to local markets with rare and delicious ingredients, and the proximity to awe-inspiring natural wonders like Sequoia National Park and Yosemite National Park all added to the allure. Moreover, having the support of family and friends in close proximity enhanced my sense of belonging. These compelling factors collectively influenced my choice of UCSF Fresno for post-graduate training in Emergency Medicine.