Madeline Giegold


Giegold, MD

Evanston, IL

Amherst College

Medical School
Emory University

Hobbies, fun facts and interests
Trail running, climbing, mountains, flowers, snuggling my cats, walking my dog, drinking coffee in the morning, playing/listening to music, completing the junior ranger programs at various parks, smelling candles at TJ Maxx, learning about racism and systemic oppression, dismantling the cis/white/heteropatriarchy. EM interests: health equity and social EM, environmental medicine, wilderness medicine.

Why Fresno?
I’m biased because now I’m here! So many things make me excited about UCSF Fresno – the lovely blend of community/academic/county medicine, diversity in patient population that serves affluent as well as underserved communities, willingness to talk about and do something about diversity in the program, residents who are super excited about what they’re working on in medicine who also like to be in the mountains and/or have a beer, and the Parkmedic program. Also, I can live in a house with a yard for my doggo and park in a garage and not drive in traffic and be in the Sierra in a short drive. I’m so grateful to be here!