Katayoun Yazdi-Nejad


Yazdi-Nejad, MD

Tehran, Iran

UC Irvine

Medical School
UC San Diego

Hobbies, fun facts and interests
Food is my meditation! I love exploring new foods and recipes in my free time. I enjoy spending time in the nature, but I also love my free days at home, where I get to take extra care of my plants and catch up on TV shows.

On the weekends, you can catch me exploring local cafes; my goal is to try a new one every week. (Come join me if you’re free!)

I enjoy long drives and road trips and I also love listening to podcasts on my commutes. “Philosophize This!” is my current favorite.

I’m native in Farsi, and reading books and poems in Farsi lifts my mood up in the harder days. I also enjoy philosophical fiction books a lot–my most recent read is “Midnight Library” and I highly recommend it!

Why Fresno?
UCSF Fresno moved to the top of my list after I did a sub-internship here during my 4th year of medical school.

It was amazing for me to watch how much support residents were getting from the attending physicians and program in general to keep a healthy work-life balance and have dedicated study time.

Besides that, there are very few psychiatry programs in California that incorporate therapy into their curriculum and UCSF Fresno is one of them. There are phenomenal opportunities to have one-on-one therapy with patients and practice different methods including CBT, DBT, psychoanalysis, etc.

I’m also not a big city person and I love Fresno’s peacefulness. My commutes are usually less than 15 minutes and to me, that’s a huge blessing! Needless to say, we are also incredibly close to the most amazing national parks and gems of California!