Jessica Dominguez De La Rosa


Dominguez De La Rosa, MD, MPH

Wasco, CA

UC Berkeley

Medical School
UC San Diego School of Medicine PRIME-Health Equity

Hobbies, facts and interests
I love hanging out with my family and friends. I also love traveling to new places, trying new foods and learning about other cultures. My goal is to travel to every continent, and hopefully, get to bring my parents with me. My interests and passions revolve around mentorship and community health outreach.

Why Fresno?
I grew up in the Central Valley and as a pre-med and medical student, my goal has always been to come back and serve the Central Valley communities. I’m a first-gen Mexican-American who grew up in a farm-working and Spanish-speaking family, and I feel very blessed to train at an amazing EM program at UCSF Fresno!