Gabriel Ting


Ting, MD

Van Nuys, CA


Medical School
UC San Diego

Hobbies, fun facts and interests
I’ve always enjoyed anything involving the outdoors – whether hiking, camping, or climbing. Rock climbing in particular is my primary hobby and my current goal is to be able to climb in Yosemite once I get more confident in my skills. Otherwise, I enjoy spicy food, scary movies, and rollercoasters.

On a softer note, I also recently took up baking as a means of stress relief. I especially enjoy making bread but I’ve ventured into making other treats like cakes, tarts, and pies. So far, I’ve gotten the most compliments from my carrot cake

Why Fresno?
UCSF Fresno Psychiatry was an easy choice with its strong clinical training, supportive/individualized nature as a smaller program, and the diversity in training experiences it offers compared to other places. I am very happy in this program and appreciate having a fantastic set of co-residents to experience residency with.

Location-wise, I love being in Fresno. It’s a lot quieter than bigger cities but there’s plenty to do and as someone who loves the outdoors, you can’t beat its location near both Yosemite and Sequoia. I plan on camping a lot more than I already have and can’t wait to make more trips.