April Bos


Bos, MD

Portland, OR

University of Colorado Denver

Medical School
University of Oklahoma

Hobbies, fun facts and interests 
I enjoy hanging out with my two kitties and trying new restaurants with my husband. Some of my indoor hobbies include crocheting/knitting, video games, and making sure I have the flyest looking nails. I also love concerts (when there is not a pandemic), exploring the outdoors, and playing soccer and volleyball.

Why Fresno?
UCSF Fresno has a great reputation for its incredible faculty, patient acuity, and amount of procedures. I knew I wanted to have my EM training at a site where I felt challenged but also supported so that I could become a well-rounded physician prepared to take care of whatever comes in through the doors.
Plus, I've been wanting desperately to return to the west (best) coast with all of its beauty, national parks, culture, and good beers.