Andrew Giltmer


Giltmier, MD

Cincinnati, OH

Ohio State University

Medical School
University of Cincinnati

Hobbies, facts and interests
Snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing, most other activities that get me into the mountains, burritos, craft beer, chacos, flannels, euchre, cornhole, European soccer, college football, and excessively long road trips. I am born and raised in the Midwest, but super stoked for the Californian experience and to trade the Ohio humidity for the dry heat of the Central Valley.

My professional interests include EMS, wildnerness medicine, and global health.

Why Fresno?
I was first drawn to Fresno for it’s incredible surroundings and close access to any and all outdoor activies. But the clinical training at CRMC is truly second-to-none, and that’s what made me so excited about the program. I wanted an environment that provided a county-type of care to a population that I felt passionate about serving, and the Central Valley was the perfect place. Fresno EM is also fiercely supportive and uplifting, and that culture has been palpable throughout the match process and beginning residency.

In addition, I get to channel my outdoor tendencies into productive behaviors like getting involved with the Parkmedic program and Ski Patrol. Having the Sierra range practically in your backyard is hard to beat!