UCSF Fresno OB-GYN Grad and Santa Clara Native to Stay in Fresno to Doctor (and Dance)

Bahvi Vohra, MD

Bhavi Vohra, MD, originally from Santa Clara, California, took what she calls a non-traditional path to becoming a physician. After working nearly three years in the bio-tech industry, she went back to school in search of more fulfillment. She earned a master’s in medical science, followed by a medical degree. Dr. Vohra considered becoming a pediatrician because of positive experiences as a child with her own pediatrician. However, clinical rotations during her third year in medical school solidified her future. It was then she realized she wanted to be in the operating room and to work with women.

“I learned that topics such as reproductive health, sexual education, family planning, pregnancy, prolapse, or any conversation around female genital organs have been a taboo topic, especially in certain cultures,” said Dr. Vohra. “I wanted to learn about and be able to openly speak to women about these issues.”

Dr. Vohra will be among the more than 100 residents and fellows graduating from UCSF Fresno this year. She is completing residency training at UCSF Fresno in OB-GYN and will stay in Fresno to care for patients at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center.

She is grateful for the relationships and support she’s received along the way, including at UCSF Fresno.

“I am so thankful to have an amazing spouse, family, and co-residents especially those in my class,” she said. “I appreciate the support from my co-residents and how hard people work to promote a mindful lifestyle.”

Looking back, she acknowledges one of the biggest obstacles on her path to becoming a physician was her own mindset.  

“I’m sure some people will resonate with the feelings of imposter syndrome,” she said.  “Being confident in myself helped a lot as well as staying open-minded and receptive to feedback.”

She gained confidence through the acuity of the cases she encountered at UCSF Fresno and now feels clinically prepared for anything she may face in the future. Community Regional Medical Center, the primary teaching hospital for UCSF Fresno, is home to more than 5,000 births annually, plus high-risk OB referrals from 15 hospitals in a region that delivers 50,000 babies per year.

“I have the knowledge and resources to care for patients,” she said.

After graduation and before starting work at Kaiser, Dr. Vohra plans on expanding and growing Central Valley Bhangra, the dance studio she and her husband started in Clovis. Dancing is how they met. And now they are sharing their passion for dancing and creating a fun and supportive environment for children and adults to learn about the Punjabi culture.

In her spare time, Dr. Vohra enjoys spending time with their pets, Summer and Anakin, and occasionally indulging in video games and reading.