UCSF Fresno Brings National Expert to Fresno to Promote Physician Wellness, Invites Local Health Care Providers to Participate

FRESNO – More than three-quarters (78%) of physicians reported feeling burned out, according to The Physicians Foundation’s 2018 Survey of America’s Physicians.  Physician burnout is defined as long-term job stress that doesn’t go away and results in feeling overwhelmed and worn out. The physician suicide rate is even more alarming. About one physician a day dies by suicide – more than twice that of the general public.  

“Happy doctors are vital to improved patient outcomes,” said Michael W. Peterson, MD, associate dean at UCSF Fresno. “Physician wellness is a priority at UCSF Fresno and it’s important to our community. In fact, it’s such a critical issue that we are extending resources to other local physicians and health care providers so they have access to the information and means to prevent burnout, too.”

The San Joaquin Valley can’t afford to lose physicians due to burnout. There are 133 active physicians (excluding medical residents) per 100,000 population compared with the state rate of 222 active physicians per 100,000 population, according to a Healthforce Center at UCSF report.

A number of factors contribute to physician burnout, including more time spent on non-clinical paperwork, loss of clinical autonomy and less time available to spend with new patients. Physician burnout impacts not only health care providers and their families but also the patients they care for.

To help lower stress levels and encourage a more balanced life among physicians and local allied health care providers, UCSF Fresno will host national expert Dike Drummond, MD, CEO of TheHappyMd.com on Wednesday, March 20. Dr. Drummond will present “The Burnout Proof” Live Workshop for physicians and other health care professionals at three different times 7:30 a.m., noon and 6 p.m. at the UCSF Fresno Center for Medical Education and Research at 155 N. Fresno St. in downtown Fresno.

Dr. Drummond is a Mayo Clinic-trained family doctor and executive coach. TheHappyMD.com website has more than 13,000 subscribers in 63 different counties. Dr. Drummond has worked with nearly 170 organizations to train more than 30,000 physicians and 100 physician wellness champions to lead the wellness movement in their organizations.

“Many doctors graduate from their residency program with a big hole in their education around how to recognize and prevent burnout,” said Dr. Drummond. “You have to be able to recognize the beast before you can defend yourself.  This event will complete your medical education and give you the tools for a personal burnout prevention strategy.” 

All local physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, UCSF faculty, fellows, residents, medical students and staff members at UCSF Fresno, and spouses and significant others are invited to register and attend the March 20 event at UCSF Fresno. Registration is required. The noon workshop is full. Register at: https://ucsffresno.eventbrite.com