UCSF Fresno will present its medical lecture series “Family Health Today” at the Fresno Borders in River Park, on Tuesdays during October, from 7pm to 8pm. The October 2003 series will feature four health issues. UCSF Fresno faculty members are presenting the lectures as part of the University’s public service mission.

“There is clearly a need for this public service in our community,” said Joan Voris, MD, associate dean of UCSF Fresno. “Every lecture has been well attended. By allowing the audience to help determine future topics, we hope to present current medical issues of importance to the community. With over 650 faculty physicians, we can easily address a variety of medical topics.”

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, and the opening night program is a response to numerous requests for a lecture relating to this topic. UCSF Fresno will kick off the series on Tuesday, October 7, with a lecture titled Breast Health—Knowing All Your Options—Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment.

This lecture will be presented by a panel of experts who are UCSF Fresno faculty, including Adriana Padilla, MD, associate clinical professor of medicine; Rebecca Stickler, MD, associate clinical professor of surgery; Douglas Wong, MD, associate clinical professor of radiology oncology; and Michael Moffett, MD, associate clinical professor of oncology. The public will have the opportunity to present questions to these Valley medical experts in the field of breast health.

The lecture series continues on Tuesday, October 14, with Karen Kraus, MD, clinical instructor of child psychiatry. Kraus will present a lecture titled Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)—Dispelling Myths is Good Medicine. Kraus, one of only a few child psychiatrists currently practicing in the Valley, will present new information about ADHD, including research on treatment options. Parents who suspect their child may have ADHD are encouraged to attend.

On Tuesday, October 21, Randall G. Stern, MD, associate clinical professor of vascular surgery, and Leo L. Fong, MD, associate clinical professor of vascular surgery will present Vascular Disease—Getting Your Arteries in Order. Both Stern and Fong will focus their lectures on life-threatening conditions that affect arteries. They will provide tips about how to best care for arteries and discuss the latest vascular disease treatment options.

In the closing lecture on Tuesday, October 28, John Zweifler, MD, program director of UCSF Fresno’s Department of Family and Community Medicine, will present Preventive Medicine—Establishing Your Baseline at 40, 50, 60 and Beyond. Participants are invited to bring pencils and calendars and be prepared to note critical tests and appointments deemed essential to help sustain a lifetime of good health.

The lecture series is free and open to the public. Dessert and coffee are provided. For more information about UCSF Fresno’s medical lecture series at Borders, or to register, please contact Cara Peracchi Douglas at 559.224.3235.