2023 UCSF Fresno Graduate Profile: Tania Zavalza Jimenez, MD

UCSF Fresno will celebrate the 2023 Resident and Fellow Commencement on June 15. Tania Zavalza Jimenez, MD, is completing a three-year residency training program at UCSF Fresno in Family and Community Medicine. After graduation, she will stay on as faculty in the Family and Community Medicine Department.

Born in Mexico, Dr. Zavalza Jimenez moved to San Francisco with her family and then relocated to Turlock, California. A desire to help people, especially the underserved and those who do not speak English, motivated her to become a physician.

She also felt called to work with undocumented and migrant communities. Being undocumented herself at one point, made college and becoming a doctor more challenging, she said.  

Following patients during all stages of life and building relationships with them drew her to Family and Community Medicine. She also enjoys the variety of patient care that family medicine offers. According to Dr. Zavalza Jimenez, UCSF Fresno offered numerous learning opportunities.

“A lot of the population here is very underserved and extremely grateful,” she said. “The attending physicians are approachable and my experience with co-residents has been great. There are a lot of learning opportunities with the pathology seen here as well.” 

When not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and family, being outdoors, going to sporting events and dining out. These activities are the same outlets she recommends incoming UCSF Fresno interns pursue during their training.Throughout residency, it’s important to regularly do something that keeps you happy whether it is talking to family, exercising, going outdoors, or gathering with friends.

Dr. Zavalza Jimenez is happy she reached her career goals and remained true to herself.

“I enjoy teaching, want to do inpatient and outpatient medicine and the Central Valley is home,” she said. “I wanted to stay here.”