Nathan Dreyfus


Dreyfus, MD

Saint Louis, MO

Washington University in Saint Louis

Medical School
University of Vermont

Hobbies, fun facts and interests
Outdoor playtime (hiking, mountain biking, skiing, climbing, paddling, hammocking, grilling, picnicking, etc.).  Travel (often a source of inspiration, always a source of perspective).  Music (listening, seeing live performances, playing guitar, being played by the banjo).  Food (cooking, eating, appreciating).  Spending time with family, friends, and my wonderful partner – and also our dogs and rapidly growing collection of plants.

Professional Interests
EMS/Prehospital Emergency Care, EM Research, Wilderness Medicine

Why Fresno?
Fresno was an excellent fit for both me and my partner, who grew up in the Bay Area and has family nearby – she will be training with the UCSF Fresno Family Medicine program.  A few of my reasons:  1. The opportunity to care for a diverse and underserved patient population while training in a high-volume and high-acuity Emergency Department with exceptional faculty, department-based social services for patients, and a focus on resident education.  2. The faculty and residents here: consummate professionals who are passionate about medicine and their patients, but also super fun and unpretentious with diverse interests and backgrounds.  3.  Proximity to mountains, with Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada a short drive away.  4. Opportunity to work with the Parkmedic program.  5. Abundant farmers’ markets, delicious produce, copious tacos, free parking, no traffic.