Student Scholarships: Return On Investment Is Huge For The Valley

Medical students in the UC San Joaquin Valley Program in Medical Education speak fondly of their hometowns and the region. All share a desire to improve health and to help break down barriers to medical care. Student scholarships are vital to recruiting and retaining these students in the region. SJV PRIME is a collaboration among UCSF Fresno, UC Merced, UC Davis and UCSF to train future doctors specifically for the San Joaquin Valley and to work with underserved communities. The first cohort of medical students in 2011. Today, there are nearly 30 medical students in the program. SJV PRIME students spend part of their time learning and conducting research at UCSF Fresno and giving back to the Valley community. They work alongside physician faculty members to treat patients. They mentor students who want to follow in their footsteps and they speak out on important Valley issues. Unfortunately, the average debt for medical school graduates is more than $160,000. These costs present barriers for some students, especially those from the San Joaquin Valley, many of whom are financially disadvantaged and underrepresented in medicine. An investment in SJV PRIME  student scholarships is an investment in more doctors for the Valley. [fullcolumn]

Donors Spotlight

Judge Susan Disney Retired professional in Fresno ""It is a travesty that students who want to go into medicine but are unable or  discouraged to do so because of the high cost and lack of support.  SJV Prime is a way to help Valley students pursue medicine and stay in the valley, which is severely understaffed for all specialties, and especially for underserved populations.  This is why I am passionate about this program  and supported it with a $5,000 donation.  I hope others will join me in this very worthwhile endeavor that benefits us all!""

New Scholarship Program

Your gift of $1,000 or more will go a long way to help medical students become doctors who will provide UCSF-quality care in the Central Valley. At UCSF Fresno, we have created a new scholarship program with the goal of attracting and keeping the best and brightest medical students to eventually care for us right here in the Valley! With the UC SJV PRIME Program, our goal is to provide students a $10,000 annual scholarship over their four-year medical education to help them offset their student loan debt and will also act as an attraction factor in enrolling these students into our program to train them and retain them to practice in the Central Valley.

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